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The maximum number of items is 100, please adjust the quantity and purchase again



Select Items to Add to The Shopping Cart


After selecting the quantity of goods, add the goods to the shopping cart.

The order has not been successfully placed at this time.


After Purchasing The Goods, Enter The Checkout


After purchasing the goods, please check out and fill in the form. 

You can click "Order Checkout" under the category column on the left hand side 

Or "shopping cart" in the upper right corner to enter the order checkout.


Order Checkout


Please confirm the items in the shopping cart during the order checkout. Fill in "Purchaser Information" for the quantity.

After the order is sent, it cannot be modified. Please confirm the "product item" and "quantity" before sending the order.

After all the information is filled in, you can click "Go to checkout".


Complete Payment Within Time Limit


If using online remittance, please provide the last 5 digits of the remittance account number.

Use the card to pay, you need to directly perform the card payment when filling in the form.

After completing the transfer and payment, please use this message to notify us, and the shipment will be arranged for you after reconciliation.



Waiting For Arrival


After completing the order and payment, we will ship it for you as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please leave a message to inquire.

*After the order is established, the shipping partner will reply with a message and arrange the shipment directly, without further notice and change the order status.